Cushing and IR horse not eating

Kelli Land

Hello Group,  I have a 23 or soyear old grade quarter horse... who was diagnosed with cushings and borderline IR 5 years ago. He has been on prascend and diet change since...his diet is LMF sr low carb complete, and burmuda pellets.  He gets his teeth checked every 6 months  and due in 2 weeks for a check, he takes 1.5 prascend sept to dec and 1  tab rest of the year.  so right now he is on 1.5 tab.  He is normally a very food motivated horse and eats hardily. He is also very seasonal with his coat and on cue grew in his winter coat already.

the last month he has been off his food so I mixed it up for him. he wont eat anything with the burmuda pellets,, his last dental check no issues were noted.  He eats his LMF pellets well and I have added brewers yeast recently to his diet. Since he has been off his food I put him back on forage ,,,, and what I have right now is orchard / alfalfa 80/20 mix.

. He is eating that well and the LMF... I am not feeding him burmuda pellets right now. 

We ran a general health lab profile on him the abnoralities on him right now are glucose 164 high,,, tryglicerides 47 high, thyroid 1.2 no range was given from lab but what I have read is low.,RBC  6.26 low and Lymphocyte count 1570 low

The veterinarian I work for is working with me,,, she is a mixed animal practice but horses are not totally on her radar for the metabolic issues.  Our thought process is that he has developed more symptoms related to the IR with the low thyroid,,, and raising his ability to process the glucose with the IR being more of a factor. The weight loss is in spite of him eating and me amping up the food anti to things he likes more. The equine dentist we use asked he not eat forage due to his missing teeth. He seems to be doing ok with eating it and I see no hay balls from him NOT being able to masticate the forage. So weight loss is my biggest concern,, he is ribby thru his winter coat, he is eating his food,, thou not as heartily but he is finishing it now that I dropped the burmuda pellets and added the hay 

Any ideas would be of use on direction to go. We were thinking probably a current IR would be beneifially ,,, shall we be adding thyroid supplentation?  Any thoughts are welcome to what we are already thinking.  I recently lost my 26 year old, he went down and was not discovered till the evening, I was away on vacation and I am having a bit of worry and concern over my other senior going down as well. Thank you 

Kelli L. in CA 2020

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