Symptoms vs blood work


I have a question.  This year mid July I noticed Salsa was a little tender footed.  This matched with what I picked up during similar time in 2019 - but he'd been out on the pasture some since we were building our barn in 2019.  Then in mid-late September I noticed he was drinking more (lasted about two weeks).  He is also a little too woolly-coated for this time of year already (he has always, always got his winter coat super early since I have had him when he was 8 years old). That winter coat started coming in around his shoulders/neck early September.

I think next year he may need extra Prascend for the seasonal rise based on symptoms.  His last blood work - from earlier this month was at 29.2 (from Cornell).  Not bad for the rise - but given what I'm observing - is increasing his Prascend next year maybe early July to get ahead of the rise - a good idea/plan?

Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
Middle TN USA, September 2019
Case History

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