Prascend Dosage during Fall Rise


My horse Jacob was diagnosed with PPID in August 2020.  His symptoms were lethargy, excessive drinking of water and peeing, and a bit of a pot belly. He started Prascend September 7 at .5 mg for two weeks, then 1 mg. He adjusted fine to the meds. I have adjusted his diet per the ecir recommendations although it wasn't much of a change from what he was eating. I noticed a very slight improvement on the water/peeing issue and he seemed a bit brighter early October but it was brief. He's back to lethargy and peeing a lot. I'm guessing this is due to the Fall rise and the 1 mg may not be quite enough during this season. My vet didn't want to recheck ACTH until late Fall or in the Spring.  Should I increase the Prascend for the next month or so to see if that helps? Or will it be too hard to tell if its working if the Fall rise will be declining soon? 
October 2020, Mendocino County, CA

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