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Jennifer Murphy

To update this, I had decided to go the Invokana route, and my vet was out earlier this week to do bloodwork to check liver/kidney function before we started the new medication.  I asked her to also get ACTH and insulin just to see if we were staying ahead of the seasonal rise, and because I wanted to see if Flea's insulin was still over 200. 

Everything looks good, he's low in potassium, though.  His ACTH is actually down slightly from last month (will update CH when I get a minute) from 31.3 to 27.5, and his insulin is FINALLY lower at 147.45!  I'm very excited, and my vet and I agree that we should keep him on the Metformin for now to see if his numbers continue to decrease.  I just want to see if that's what others would do...sometimes I'm unsure of my decisions.

My vet recommended Purina Enrich to get more potassium into him, but I checked it out and it's too high in sugar and starch, and I don't like that high protein level for a mule.  Does anyone have any suggestions to increase his potassium level?  His current hay is at 1.90% potassium as fed, and I feed TC Timothy Balance Cubes as mash with Stabul 1 (small amounts), mixed with Vermont Blend, probiotic, ALCar, and a tiny smidge of flax. 

This week we also have an appointment for my vet and farrier to be at the barn together to do a trim in conjunction with radiographs, so I'm hoping we can get his feet a little more straightened out, too!
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