Re: ACTH off the charts

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Anne,

Firstly, breathe. Dr. Kellon has already addressed some of your concerns:

If the sample was mishandled, the ACTH result would be lowered, not falsely raised but no need to panic. One of my horses had his ACTH result come back at 1088pg/ml (ref range 9-35) the first time I had him tested, so exceedingly high results aren't as unusual as one would think. At the time, he was also compensated IR and didn't appear to be in trouble.

Jiaogulan and AAKG will not affect the ACTH.

It would be helpful if you could change the link in your signature so that it goes to your case history folder, rather than directly to Tricana's case history. That way, we can find all of the other documents in your file easily:

Generally, pergolide is the first line treatment. It is a tiny caplet (Prascend) or a tiny capsule (compounded) that can be hidden in a small treat for dosing. Or, you can easily dissolve the dose in a small amount of water, then syringe it in.
Cabergoline is a lot more expensive and is an injection - not sure if it is available in Canada or not.

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