Re: Favorite boots for starting work


Hi Nancy,

I have been a Scoot Boot fan for several years now...I keep my IR horse barefoot year round...she has never had a nail in her hoof. She has thin soles and I have limestone gravel everywhere and live in an area where I have a lot of rock on my trails. I used Soft rides to get her through some times of soreness but then transitioned her to the Scoots for training. If I am riding on grass she is fine and she has also built up a good sole over the years that she can still go barefoot sometimes but when I ride in the dry lot or after a trim She has Scoot Boots. I started with just fronts but now have all the way around for the trails. The original boots have lasted for over 3yrs and look to go much longer. If you are interested you can message me and I will give you the wonderful woman I have dealt with. She is on FB too and runs Heartland Scoot Boots. She is great to work with. I have also used the boots for turnout when she had a trim that he pared her sole on 2 occasions. 

Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

Case History:

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