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Natalie Washburn

Hi there,

My gelding's labwork came back and his numbers moved back into Uncompensated and Poorly Compensated categories.  He's currently on 4mg of compounded Pergolide.  I would think that we should increase his dose. - but how much do we increase it?  1mg? I'll copy the latest results below.  Full info in updated case history that is linked in my signature.

Sept 2019: Insulin 24.12, Glucose 89, ACTH 38.2 (3 mg Pergolide)
Jan 2020: Insulin 13.9, Glucose 90, ACTH 12.6 (4 mg Pergolide)
Oct 2020: Insulin 30.11, Glucose 74, ACTH 28.3 (4 mg Pergolide)

Thank you for all your help!

~Natalie and Jay in TX

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