Re: Adjust RX?

Nancy C

Hi Natalie

Hope you are well.

Just so you have another voice....

With each of my three PPID guys I tried to keep their ACTH well under 30 during seasonal rise. This is true for Beau -- who was very sensitive to being lamintic, and for Gabe and Skip, who both were/are not EMS/IR. I like to see them under 20, Beau especially for control of his insulin.

Would be great if you could get the insulin down by lowering ACTH.

I'd probably start with 1 mg, but if you have signs of being out of control, I'd want to keep an eye on their resolution and raise the pergolide as needed to control.

It looks like you are testing after seasonal rise. I'd keep doing that.

Hope this helps.

Nancy C in NH
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