Re: Favorite boots for starting work

Collaeyn Hazen

I am another scoot boot fan, and My Monty wore them for turnout for a year. But with Monty’s laminitis this spring, his hoof shape isn’t suitable for them right now. He is finally comfortable for turnout barefoot, and for riding I am using flex boots. They are appropriate for tough use but we are just walking (mostly) at this point. He clomped right down my street with them our first ride after his healing (he told me where we were going to ride and took me to our favorite riding place) and obviously had no discomfort at all. The flex boots are interesting as they are really flexible and can work for a hoof that is oddly shaped.  I’ll probably go back to scoots eventually when Monty’s toes are back where they belong but having another option was really helpful.  
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