Questions concerning recent PPID diagnosis


I've been doing a lot of amazing reading while formulating my plan for managing Tricana's recent PPID diagnosis.   

I have a couple of questions. 
#1.  Would you start off with Pergolide and L-Thyroxin to counter the weight gain?  I've also read of people using Metformin, thoughts?  
#2.  What companion blood tests would you run?  I'm going to do a consult to make sure I'm meeting her nutritional needs.  Dr. Kellon do you still do this?  Or any recommendations?
#3. Regarding the Pergolide veil,  I'm interested in APF but Tricana also has DSLD and IR and is on Dr. Kellon's protocol - AAKG 2:1 and Jiaogulan.  Would you stop the protocol and use only APF or could I do both?  It sounds as though APF works similarly?
Finally, #3.  Fellow Canadians, where do you source APF from?

Thank you in advance,

Anne and Tricana
May 2016

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