Re: Questions concerning recent PPID diagnosis


Thanks Sherry,

I'm looking at the Brooks enhancer on MadBarn - am I adding NSC + Starch?  I always understood that EWC + Starch = NSC.  I'm not clear how to do the math with the units that they present but I'll take your word for it.  It's so funny (but not funny at all,)  I've had the Brooks representative defend this product up and down, telling me that it's acceptable. 

I've also always understood that AAKG loses its potency completely when mixed with water so I've always mixed my sups with Cocosoya (probably too much) and the Brook's Enhancer.   I would happily feed her a mash of the ODTBC with her sups if possible or I see that Madbarn has a couple of products that might be suitable instead of Enhancer.  

This might not go over well, but she is free fed hay in a tight hay net based on the idea that she's not stressed by hunger.  She doesn't gorge but it sounds as though it's far too much.   Feeling like I have to start at ground zero.  First step is hay balancing and I'm having it tested this week to get that ball rolling.  

Thanks for the guidance!


May 2016

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