Re: Length of laminitis


I am new to the group and not sure if I'm following protocol for communications.

My 18 year old TB mare is demonstrating classic founder symptoms: all weight on her back end, can barely move, used to lay down a lot and not so much now.  She has foundered before in 2017 and 2019 but very very very minor compared to this.  She does not have a cresty neck or long hair like Cushings.  I feed my horses apples once in a while to flush their liver (according to a vet) and I'm wondering if that is what caused this episode to happen.  Symptoms started very slowly the first of Sept (feeding apples) and has progressed to where she is now.  Xrays show slight rotation of coffin bones and slight modeling of left coffin bone.  I have a journeyman farrier who got her shod properly but she is NOT getting any better.  I've had her on 2 grams of Bute twice a day until I caught her leaning and bouncing her belly (right side, always the right side) off her water bucket and knew I had to stop the Bute.  So....I committed the cardinal sin and put her on my ringbone horses' Meloxicam.....  She seemed to improve minutely and is not having the gastric problems now, but has plateaued and is still in great pain.  It's been about 5 weeks.  When is enough, enough?  Her front feet are cold and there is no digital pulse.  Do I need to have her tested for insulin resistance or something?

Y'all are my last hope.  This horse makes my life whole.  This is killing me.  Please help.


Marlene L in Idaho 2020

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