advice for long time PPID mare with chronic laminitis


My 28 year old Arab mare, Steffie has continued to have laminitis problems.  She was diagnosed with PPID in 2014.  She has had some front foot pain for at least 10 years.  She had gotten better being on Pergolide compound but the last year has gradually gotten worse.  It is also very difficult to maintain her weight.  She is a picky eater.  I recently had her re-tested at Cornell.  I am having trouble getting the results up but will try again.  Here are her test results.   Glucose 88, normal 71-122 mg/dL
ACTH 54.8, normal 9-35 pg/mL
Insulin 79.36, normal10-40 ulU/mL
Leptin 9.02, normal1-10 ng/mL

She is currently getting 3.44 Pergolide Mesylate in an oil base from Pet Health which I believe is about 2.29 Pergolide.  It seems to me that she needs a higher dose of Pergolide.  While the vet did the testing, he is difficult to reach to go over the test.  Your help is very appreciated.  Right now she is refusing to eat.

ND 2013 

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