Re: advice for long time PPID mare with chronic laminitis

Sherry Morse

Hi Karla,

I couldn't find a CH for your mare so that's going to make it difficult to assess everything that is going on with her.  However, for this time of year, given that she's on pergolide, her ACTH should be lower and her insulin is right on the edge of the laminitis danger zone.  There's a good chance the lack of interest in eating is simply that she feels lousy.  We often talk about PPID horses experiencing the veil and going off feed when first started on the medication, but not wanting to eat can also be an indication of PPID not being well controlled. 

If this was my horse I'd want to get her ACTH number down by increasing her pergolide and I'd also be looking at treating her as an IR horse and trying to get that insulin down as well.

As far as being foot sore - has she had x-rays recently?  What does her trim look like?  Are you using boots or any kind of hoof protection for her?

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