Willow test results, x-rays and exercise recommendation



Will saw vet for second time on Oct 4 and vet says laminitic episode has passed. Took x-rays, these are posted in her album. We see a slight rotation.
Vet took blood tests; results are in the Oct 26 case study. Non-IR by lab ranges, compensated IR via calculator.

We have been walking her for 20-30 mins 3-4 days per week until this weekend. On Oct 4 vet ok'd her for 20 mins riding, 5 mins trot in her boots. We've done that once. 
Last week she seemed sore one day but after a day or two of boots, is ok again.

Trims and hoof reshaping ongoing.

It looks like we are road to recovery, with proper hay, proper supplements but I just wanted to see what you thought of the x-rays and the recommendation for exercise. I'd like to keep her at the 20 mins max 3-4 times per week (in boots) for a few months I think.

August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada
Case: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Pat%20and%20Willow
Photos: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/album?id=253325

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