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Thank you Dr. Kellon.  We will be doing the cornel metabolic panel on him this week.... he is eating better this week now ,,,, and more life to him. I think he maybe have been depressed with his pasture pal passing as well. He has another horse to hang with but this is a youngster and a bit of kid still. I live in an area that it is hard to get appropriate feed. Small community feed stores won't carry more then what they feel will sell.... even with a commitment. I had totally dropped his feed to pellets only ,, no forage due to his dental health and recommendations of our equine dentist. He right now is happy with getting a bit of forage and no Bermuda pellets,, plus  increased his LMF SR low carb....since that is a complete feed. I also added brewers yeast recently as well.  

Finding Teff around my area is near impossible,, however there are some places south of me or north of me to buy if I don't want to travel 2-4 hours to go get it. Feed stores just wont bring it in. Timothy is also hard to find,,, and again I can travel a bit to get it. These are not favorite options since quantity only makes it affordable and reasonable, and I don't have enough storage to put up 80 bales of hay right now, only a few at a time.
I know Teff pellets are made up in Oregon, but again I cant convince any feed store in Cali to even carry the stuff. argg frustrating for sure.

I have been soaking the orchard alfalfa,,,, until we work thru this problem. My memory from last year this time of year after I increased his pergolide to the fall winter dose he did this as well but not as bad and not loosing weight. It seemed to happen very quickly. Such my concern.  I am working on the case paper ,,,, to get uploaded to the site as we speak. It made me feel a bit better when he was eating better over the weekend,,, and he was not dogging about. We actually did a trail ride locally and he was in the lead single footing down the trail with bouncy ears with his gaiting friends in tow.

One product I can get locally is Chaffe hay. The feed store that will carry my LMF feed was sharing info on the product and my needs as I was pushing again for the teff pellets/hay/timothy pellets/cubes. Chaffe promotes the benefits well, but their analysis is hard to put into perspective to what other feeds have to offer. It seems palatable as I tried a sample and he did eat after walking away from it initially. I am reading about it... but I did not see it as one of the approved feeds on the list from the website.

I am also researching the compounded formulas. I get it why prascend is recommended over compounded pergolide. In asking about the compounded formulas,,, I like the mini melt tabs. That has been the hardest part of treating this horse... as we all know hates the taste so I mix it with a bit of pellets before he gets his feed so I see he gets it. however when he wasn't feeling so good I was out of town and the other horse went down so Who know if the was getting it correctly with the house sitter I would hope so.... but...
I found the cost more reasonable with the compounded formula so going to work thru what I have and move to the compounded formula. Crap 3 times amount of medicine for the same cost  no brainer..... I always thought doing the compounded way was not the best but that was early days when it was only liquid and it was harder to manage the liquid formula and shelf stability was short lived. So very excited. In the mean time I am going to try taking  the pills a i have and grind them up to put in a capsule and see if that works better in getting it in his body. 

So again thank you for your direction and ideas ,,, and a great website... I was on it when we started this journey 5 years ago. but had put it away ,,,, maybe a older and wiser has made it stick more in my brain..... It certainly is helping me now.

of course i will keep chugging on his case file,,, and get it uploaded when done... it was a bit daunting when I started it,,, but working thru it... 

thank you 

Kelli Land, RVT

On Monday, October 26, 2020, 08:29:11 AM PDT, Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...> wrote:

This study found that insulin testing of samples taken into an EDTA plasma tube (purple top) showed significantly lower levels than serum (red top) or heparin (green top) samples. Best stability when testing is going to be delayed beyond 3 days is heparinized samples.

If you are using Cornell's ACTH/insulin/leptin panel the sample will be EDTA unless the vet also draws a separate serum sample and requests that be used for insulin.

Bottom Line: Use serum or heparin tubes for insulin testing. Varying sample type between tests will not give you accurate results.
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