Re: Willow test results, x-rays and exercise recommendation


Thanks! Good to know.  I don't mind not doing a lot of exercise but other people sure worry about it.  I think I will have 10 mins of hand walking, ten mins of riding (just so she doesn't forget) and no trotting.  At least until after Christmas.

There was a trim done just after the x-rays were taken. Another scheduled soon.

When I click on my case history link in my signature, I see three case histories, the first one (no date), one dated Oct 14 and the one dated Oct 26. Can you see any of them or just not the Oct 26th one?

Her test results were:
Glucose 7.13
Insulin 14.4

Calculator says:
Gi 7.13
Risqi 0.26
Mirg 5.8

August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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