Re: Equioxx

Brenda Gasch Mittelstadt

Hello Kelly,

I am not going to answer your question as I do not know the answer. I have a mare that's been on Equioxx for a half year or so for some unknown back issues that cause her spasms and then a light laminitis in March and possibly arthritis. I just am interested to hear you say that the group does not recommend NSAIDS and, as a newer participant, I did not know that. Can you expand on the reason and also what you think the risk is? I've been told the Equioxx (by my vet) is super safe. I also see a much happier mare like your Micah. Mine is Daisy. 

I did hear about STP with the yucca and a couple other things and am considering that. 

Sorry to not answer but really am interested in the reply so wanted to add my voice. I'll be interested in other's ideas. 


September 2020, Dodgeville WI USA

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