Re: Willow test results, x-rays and exercise recommendation


Ah! I think I had read under guidelines on exercise somewhere that anything under 30 mins with no sweat didn't count. I was probably misinterpreting it - I get now that it doesn't count as exercise from a fitness perspective but might still damage her feet from a soundness perspective.

So many people I run into are so paranoid about not riding horses! At my last barn, two people thought I should ride her when she was right in the middle of the laminitic episode. I was shocked. 

Right now she is playing with the baby welsh colt in the paddock next door, running in and out of her stall as he runs in and out of his.  At least, the barn owners tell me it is playing, although some fence keeps getting broken! I hope we don't get asked to leave because it is a very good place.

August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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