Re: Questions concerning recent PPID diagnosis


Hi Sherry,

I found the ration guide that I have been following for Tricana's feed and uploaded it in my case file folder.  I had a few things wrong like her weight (though this was a few years back so will revise)  for example and the amount of Enhancer we've been feeding.  Also, as I mentioned, I've taken to free feeding her hay.  It takes her 3 days to get through a small bale, which probably weighs 60 ish lbs so she's not gorging but I will weigh out a specific amount for her moving forward.  We've also been using Cocosoya to mix in her sups or she won't touch them - I suspect it's too much calorically.  We are testing this year's hay this week and I will upload the results when I get them.  


Anne and Tricana
May 2016

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