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Hi  Lynn,

I've added the latest mark-ups to Relevante's album:,,,50,2,0,0

The good news is that he continues to develop more concavity, some of the extra bar material is starting to detach on its own and the heels have started to move back under him more. In general, you want to continue working to move his heels back without dropping them; beveling the toes well to get and maintain the breakover n the correct location; keep the ragged tags on the frogs cleaned up. Watch that the wall height beyond the sole plane doesn't creep up beyond 1/16'', esp. in those areas where the walls still aren't well connected due to flares growing out.

RH lateral: Mustang roll the toe area hard in the blue area.

RH dorsal sole plane: Blue are at the toe is where to roll it well. Blue Xs are all the tags of loose frog material that can be cleaned up but don't get overzealous and trim the entire frog just to make it look "pretty".

RH sole: Solid blue line shows where the perimeter of the hoof should be. Hashed areas are all somewhat detached wall that needs to be rasped away from the top, then beveled/rolled under. Orange circles are the areas that should be the highest point on the heels and shouldn't be lowered. They are where the bar-wall junction should end up.

LH: Roll the toe well ala Mustang Roll in the blue area.

LH dorsal sole plane: Solid blue area corresponds to the blue on the lateral view. Blue Xs on the lateral bar are where it is already lifting away, so just help it along. Blue on the back of the frog is the ragged frog that also be trimmed away.

LH sole: Similar to the RH. Blue solid line denotes where the hoof perimeter should be, hashed area again needs to be brought inward to remove the already weakened wall and take it out of weight bearing until it has grown out well-connected. Blue Xs are where the bars are already detaching, so just clean them up in those areas - but not all the way back to bar-wall junction. Orange areas are again where the bar-wall junction should end up and they should be the highest point. Nothing off those areas.

RF dorsal: Blue line shows where there is still a slight lateral wall flare that can be rasped down and beveled under.

RF lateral: Mustang roll the toe well. 

RF dorsal sole plane: Same idea as the hinds.

RF sole: Same discussion as the RH.

LF lateral: Solid roll on the toe in the blue area.

LF dorsal sole plane: Same as RF.

LF sole: Same ideas as the the other three.

Check the collateral groove depth on both sides in each foot to make sure your are maintaining medio-lateral balance. Be careful not to lose vertical height in the heels/back half of the feet relative to the vertical height in the front half so that you don't inadvertently lose any of the gains that you've made in realigning his HPAs.

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