Re: Appetite veil? Lameness #Thyro-L

renee lefthand <rollykoal@...>

-- yes i have changes her diet she is too sore to exercise i figured it was not a miracle drug i has a hirae on it for years from an old school vet and before much was known i decided to take him off of it after years and he is fine but has since been diagnosed with cushings but is doing quite well compared mare whi was recently diagnosed and quite lame took off grain gets maybe 12 ounce of stabul one per day for some butte or her pill or bite less pellets ....otherwise hay that was tested i do not know her weight the vet she could.loose some weight she was being kind ....had xrays done blood work done cushinhs and IR September....was getring better and now lame again and does not eat any grain couple bites ....i just was wondering if some.thyroid L would help her loose little weight nkt long term or as a dietary only answer thank u 
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