Re: Appetite veil? Lameness #Thyro-L

Kirsten Rasmussen


APF is Advanced Protection Formula, created by Auburn Labs:

It is useful when starting a horse on pergolide, or increasing the dose, if the horse has exagerated signs of the pergolide veil like reduced appetite.  Not all horses need it but it really makes a difference in those that do.   Lots of recent discussions on what type of APF to give and how much so if you can search "APF" and look at the recent posts that will get you started.

Thyro-L boosts weight loss initially because it initially creates a hyperthyroid state, but that effect wears off as the horse's thyroid ramps down in response.  Then, the Thyro-L has to be weaned off gradually to give the thyroid time to adjust and ramp back up.  Long-term weight control is about diet, and exercise if they are sound.

It is really hard for us to offer any good advise without a case history.  We cannot keep your horses, their diets, diagnoses and medications straight just from reading your posts, which means you won't get good advice because the time required to try and understand their management is just too much for a volunteer.  Can you borrow a computer for a while to get the case histories done?   Not sure if you have access to computers at a local library, but usually that's an option.

Good luck with the Case Histories! 

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