Off Feed Again


We are still struggling with Dame. I finally have her up to 1mg prascend and 10ml APF PRO. Just been on that for 10 days. The past few days she has shown signs of the vail and off her feed again and dropping wt. Such a delicate balance! Should I just keep increasing the APF? She is more interested in the other horses out in the field than she is eating. My vet wanted her on TC Sr, beet pulp and ODTB cubes. She felt the molasses in the TC Sr was not as important as getting wt on her. I make a slurry out of the TC Sr and that gets her to eat some, but still off. She cannot eat hay. I have to soak everything, very poor teeth issues that have been addressed with equine dentist.  She also gets 2000iu Vit E, absorb all, 8 oz TC flax seed, J herb and Uckele Gut. I know I need to update her CH and will do that asap. Thank you for your help in advance. Without this groups help I would be lost!!

Marsha and Dame - Buzzy TN 2019

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