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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Marsha, I was struggling with the veil with both of mine too but a suggestion I tried is splitting up when I gave APF Pro and prascend.  I was giving them both midday with a second dose of apf pro at night.

I changed to give 10 ml of apf pro one time per day at about 11am ad then they get prascend at 7pm at night with their nighttime hay and mash and this is what finally worked for my mare.

I managed to get my gelding on the full dose of praacend this way as well..still working on the right dose of Apf for him 10 ml one time per day may not be quite enough. He is on day 5 of his full dose of prascend and he was a little slower eating his mash today than he had been si I may go up with 12ml of apf pro and then titrate down.

Hope this helps:)
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