New to soaking hay - questions

Hilary McGregor

I've started soaking our hay because test results indicate it's in the 9-11% range for ESC + starch. Our gelding's blood test results after a week on the hay indicated compensated IR. It's the first time we've tested him, and Amika, his sister came back not IR! I've posted other threads on this.

As it seems we will be soaking for the long term with this hay, I have some questions and curiosities about soaking...

  1. Should we test the soaked hay? How in the heck does one do that? I mean, how do we get a representative sample, soaked in the usual method, and dried before sending? Any tips?
  2. Does soaking hay reduce ESC? 
  3. Is there an average % of DE that is reduced by soaking hay?
  4. We are soaking 10 lbs of hay in about 170 litres of cold water for 1 hour. Is that enough to make an impact? 
  5. Are there any risks of soaking hay in softened water? 
Many thanks for any insights as I work my way through this!

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