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Thanks, Marsha.  I’m sure you meant Dr. Van Noy of Auburn, rather than Abbott, but I will clarify that here for anyone reading.   I had not read about that APF dosing schedule before but your and Nancy’s posts led me to think I might be missing something.  APF protects against the unwanted effects of hormonal changes rather than absolute dosages so if you continue increasing pergolide to say 3 mg, you should not need to triple the APF given.

There’s been evidence that increasing pergolide (which includes starting it) during the seasonal rise is less effective than at other times of year.  I believe this is a relatively new observation.  As I understand it, the pergolide you are giving will become more effective as the rise subsides.  I went through many years of adjusting pergolide doses without knowing this or observing that kind of anomaly myself, which probably says more about my observational skills than anything else.  Just wanted you to be aware of this.

Have you considered putting some of her feed into a feed bag for her to wear for some outside time with her friends?  I used one for Logo to administer his meds without having to keep watch.  I considered putting one on a pony outside because he gets bullied away from the outside hay but I did not actually try that. 

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