Re: MSU bloodwork

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Everybody, I've been reading the posts all along, but haven't had anything
new to add to the discussions. I do want to ask a question, though. I've come
across repeated cautions against the dexamethasone suppression test and wonder
what are the facts to back them up. I talked with my vet about the perceived
dangers of this test and she said she only ran across 1 case in which the test
itself caused a problem. She still believes it to be the most definitive way to
diagnose Cushings. So I'm just curious about the perceptions vs the facts. It
seems to me that most of the scare stories out there are from second-hand
sources or speculation rather than science. I don't mean to irk anyone, but I
want facts, not hearsay. Thanks for anything about this. Kay in AK

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