Re: Very itchy sheath/penis

iluvzhorses <iluvzhorses@...>

I'm having this issue now with one of my geldings.. He's 21 and has never had a problem before...  My vet too, blew me off with the phrase. "well. just scratch it, he's itchy.."  He has had this for a few months and it's driving him and me crazy.  When I try to clean it, it feels warm and damp.  Luckily, he's easy to clean, but it's driving him and me crazy!!!  Had a different vet a few weeks ago and that vet said, he didn't seem yeasty or it didn't have a bad smell like an infection....

Does the aloe really requires NO rinsing?  It's getting chilly here,  so I could only rinse with a turkey baster..
Lisa And Louie
Eastern NC

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