dapples, ppid and possible nutrition issues

LJ Friedman

This video was taken yesterday. I’ve never seen the dapples on my horse before. The previous owner said she had seen some on his rump but never on the sides. I sent these photos to a Freesian Facebook page and one of the breeders who is a certified nutritionist, said this is a cry out for nutritional deficiency. The dapples and the rusting show a problem, she says. She wanted me to withhold all supplements and put out a copper Salt Lick, which i wont do.
. But is there any possibility this is a nutritional deficiency? It’s been years since I’ve balanced his hay. With a barn that gets different day every few months and different suppliers of Timothy Pellets etc. I just kept things the same. Any thoughts on if this is a problem and what I could do to fix it? Thank you


LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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