Re: Laminitis and hoof abscesses

Kirsten Rasmussen

It is OK to feed soaked hay to your other horse, but it does mean soaking more volume, which will be more work for you.  Soaking hay reduces the caloric content a bit (as expected given that some sugars are soaked out) and if your other horse is a hard keeper they may need a little extra caloric supplementation once a day, like a bucket of beet pulp or some pre-fab horse feed.  If your other horse is a bit heavy and also a breed prone to EMS then he/she will benefit from the soaked hay, too.

I keep my EMS horse on a parallel track next to his buddy, but because their diets are different they are always separated (unless it's play time and there is no food out).  My EMS guy would not be able to stop eating hay if his buddy is having a rest from eating, so there's no way his caloric intake could be controlled without keeping them separated.  Plus I don't want to have to soak hay for 2 horses if I don't have to.

Whether or not a horse does well with added Mg depends on whether or not they need it.  Gotta test the hay to be sure!  :)

Lack of energy from the round bale could be due to hay quality, or it could be due to elevated insulin....ask anyone you know with metabolic syndrome or unmedicated diabetes if they feel lethargic, I bet the answer is often yes.  Glucose is struggling to get into the cells and if blood glucose is high, too, then they just aren't metabolizing it for energy. 

Your rads from August are probably still adequate given that the trim hasn't changed dramatically.  New ones are always so nice to have of course, but oh so expensive and IMO not a priority right now if funds are limited.  Minerals balanced to hay, new insulin-glucose bloodwork now that she's eating soaked hay (+/- Lyme multiplex if you or your vet feels it necessary), and figuring out how keep Echo off all grass/weeds (and even how to to separate your 2 horses if they have feeding different needs) would be how I'd spend my money and time before new xrays.  Just my opinion though.

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