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Trisha, if the buckets are like small heated muck buckets, I tried them and found them too small for my needs.  I am going through much of what you are now.  I’m used to soaking hay for two little guys but, depending on how my testing comes back, I may need to soak for a large horse as well.  

I have a drain to carry the soaking water away from the barn, just need to get the water from the tub to the drain.  I’ve put spigots into the side of the muck buckets I’m now using to soak but the fittings apparently weren’t suitable for round tubs and cracked the muck bucket.  I have ordered spigots designed for round tubs such as rain barrels for the next set.  I also installed a small hoist (as per Cass) to aid in the draining.  Still have some other ideas cooking which include a 75 gallon Rubbermaid tub and a pump which has apparently already clogged.  

It was 14 deg F here Friday night which is cold enough that I wish I’d figured this out already.

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