Re: New to soaking hay - questions

Kirsten Rasmussen

It's reasonable to assume that subtracting ESC from WSC gives you an approximation of fructan content.  Testing before and after soaking of the SAME samples should give you an idea of how much ESC and if you like a little math also how much fructans soaked out.  We are not worried about fructan content in hays though, it's unlikely to ever be high enough to cause problems.

I wanted to see the effect of soaking on my hay and just got results back for 2 analyses each of 2 samples from the same part of the same bale: on sample unsoaked and 1 soaked and dried.  There is quite a bit of variation within the 2 analyses for the unsoaked hay, and within the 2 analyses for the soaked hay.  Not sure what to make of this variation yet.

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