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Over in the Horsekeeping sub-group I made a photo folder of a hay soaker that my spouse and I built a few years ago.
When I began soaking hay I quickly found out that the container size and design was all important. This type of heavy duty storage tub has a design that gives great rigidity to the sides of the tub. Other tubs with thin flat sides would bow outward when filled with water and were nearly impossible to tip over for draining. It also is the perfect shape for hay nets filled with stacked hay flakes. I did find that the hay nets wanted to float to the surface but setting a wide feed tub on top of the hay net and filling that with water would keep the nets submerged.

We wanted to be able to drain the soaking water away from the barn. Clever husband put together PVC components from the "Plumbing" section of a local home improvement store. and the outlet for draining water simply inserted into drain pipes. I put several sections of drain pipes together to take the water 40 feet over to a drainage ditch. 

You can find a message #23710 in the Horsekeeping sub-group explaining more about the soaker. 
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