Re: Low nitrate hay, Santa Rosa?


Hi, Marija. You will receive an official welcome soon. I'm sorry to hear your horse has nitrate-induced laminitis. Since I'm located in Sonoma County, I'll try to answer your hay question. The only hay seller with tested hay is  Larsen's Feed, and the only tested hay is their low carb hay. I don't buy it because I don't like the quality.  My experience has been that later in the cutting season, by the third cut and all winter, locally available hays can have high to dangerously high nitrates. After I figured that out, I have arranged to buy an entire year's supply of hay in late August to early September, when I can buy second cut hay. The carbs aren't as low as third cut, but the nitrates tend to be lower. Dave's Hay Barn is closed. Frizelle Enos and Rivertown source the same hay because of common ownership. 

I do my own hay testing in cooperation with another member here. This year we found low nitrate hay from Western Farm Center. You're welcome to join our hay testing group. You can send me a private message, and I will give you more details. I'm finished for the year, but my partner, who can only store 50 bales as a time, will be searching for low carb, low nitrate hay soon enough. 

Do you know that you can reduce nitrates in hay by soaking the hay? 

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