Re: 2 months after initial laminitis episode

Kirsten Rasmussen

I think it will help when you get your markups back and a trim done, too, as running around on post-laminitic hooves with long toes could cause further pain/damage, which is a good possibility for why she is sore after.  She's obviously feeling good if she wants to run around, but not really thinking about her feet hurting her after until its too late (I think the adrenalin of running and playing can overshadow any pain at the moment, but then they do feel it after).  Your arena certainly looks like it has lots of soft sand, so I'm thinking its just the trim now and I know you are in the process of sorting that out...  For a now, can you make her turnout area a little smaller with panels?  As Sherry suggested, boots with pads might help too.

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