Re: Mad Barn Amino Trace side effects

Rhonda Turley

My Scooter has been on the AminoTrace+ since June 10, 2020.  I also have him on on Mad Barn Probiotic, Mad Barn Vitamin E, Ground flax seed, and salt.  He is 14 now and I bought him as an unbroken 3 year old and he has always been in the same stall in the same barn.  It is a large boarding barn.  He has always had a problem with soft stools and a touch of gas when the weather changes.  I have had him on a probiotic since he was 3 years old.  I did note that when i went to look at him at his breeders, his tail had lots of dried poop stuck to it so he may have this problem since before i bought him. I have not seen any side effects from any of the Mad Barn products so far.  Getting him to eat his supplements and Prascend, has been challenging for the barn staff in the beginning but we have worked out a system that works.
Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020
Scooter and Rhonda     

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