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I don’t know if I should be commenting on this thread...

Many haymakers to maximize yield cut very close to the ground and in doing so, leave a short stubble.  That low cut in dry conditions and with a disc mower or disc mower conditioner can kick up a goodly amount of dirt and dust.  This situation is aggravated when, to get the hay picked up, they have to lower their tedder, rake and baler pickup tines, sometimes touching or even digging a bit in the ground.  I should think in the red clay of NC, that dirt and dust contains a lot of iron.  We cut out hay at 4 inches minimum to eliminate that dirt/dust potential as much as possible and give our grass a better chance to recover.  You might ask your hay supplier how close to the ground they cut prior to buying.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Bill J. in VA 2020
Hi Bill, thank you for your reply, it makes so much sense! The hay I purchased was from a dealer and I believe the hay came from a northern state. I wanted Orchard grass and that's hard to find here. Do you sell and deliver hay to NC?
Tucker and Indigo
NC, Nov 2018 

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