The Veil prevails... !?

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hey all,  

I am still struggling a little with Vinnie and the veil. He is on apf pro still 10 ml 1 time per day. He has been on his full dose of prascend 0.5 now for at least two weeks and he is still not eating his night time mash as normal. He is also not eating the normal stuff i used to out in the mash like cbd joint pellets or spirulina or the vite.e oil or the HA gel..  The am mash he is about 90% consistenly eating it. But I am leaving some stuff out of the mash and feeding it separately. He is still eating hay as normal ..maybe eating it a bit slower than he used to,  which is actually fine with me because it lasts him longer through out the day.

What am I doing wrong? 

Summer also took almost a month on her normal dose of prascend and is also still not eating things she would normally eat in her mash and when I tried to titrate down Apf she went a little off again so I put her back in 6 mls of APF pro 1 time per day.

Summer also started estradiol and that ironically seemed to help her appetite a little bit and it seemed to bring back her more jolly old personality. I tried to stop estradiol too since we are in fall, but she started acting overtly hormonal again like she was going to go back into her bad cycle  I have her on 5mg of estradiol and that seems to be working well.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong with this veil issue or if my horses are just super sensitive?
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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