Re: od balance cubes

LJ Friedman


purina  is offering a  free 10 bag trial of the  balance  timothy cubes. My nutritional rep from Parina said that 10 bags is a good trial because she has seen some horses stop eating the cubes at bag five.
With that being said, if I’m switching from Timothy pellets to the Timothy balance cubes, would I be doing a partial change over like one would do with hay or a different type of pellet? 75 % old   25% new for a few days  then, 50-50,  for a few days,then 25% old and 75% new?. etc  Or go straight to the  new cubes because jesse is currently eating timothy pellets?
Reminder, I need to see if he’s going to quit these cubes. Assuming if they’re in a soupy mash it should not be a problem-- 
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