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Hi Caitlin!  A moderator will send you a BIG welcome email/post soon with LOTS of info. 
Congrats on the track system - that is on my wish list!
One thing you will hear about on this group is testing your hay and balancing your minerals to those results.  Are you able to buy months or a year's worth of hay at once?
Most of us send the hay sample to Equi-Analytical for testing (we like the 603 "Trainer" test).  I have found that balancing saves me money vs what I was spending on other supplements, feeds etc.  For years I could only get about 20 bales of hay at a time.  Now I can store about a year's worth of hay - and after a year of being on correctly balanced minerals I'm seeing improvement and my farrier last trim said his feet are looking better and "tighter".
If you can't buy a lot of hay at once, but know where your hay was grown - you can probably get some regional 'averages' from your local ag extension office and supplement based on that.  Let us know your hay situation and others will chime in with suggestions if testing your exact hay isn't feasible.

Your CA Trace is at least a good supplement with meaningful amounts of important nutrients.  I relate to trying to get them to eat things that are good for them and they turn their nose up!  You are not alone.  There is a 'Picky Eaters Checklist' on here somewhere that has good ideas, tips and tricks.
You mention salt - yes - just plain old table salt.  Will your mare eat salt well?  If so you can just add it to her 'dinner'. 

I find it interesting that your mare is hyperthyroid.  Maybe Dr Kellon will chime in on that.

You are in the right place and already doing some good things for your mare.  Just remember to breathe - it's a LOT to take in!

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