Re: Trim advice needed please for Keegan


Thanks so much Lavinia, this is all excellent info. I did actually read that article you posted about heel height, and rockered his heels conservatively on the weekend. Hopefully I interpreted the instructions correctly on that.

A question about shortening the toes...should I be going at it from the dorsal or solar side more? 

If I'm understanding your instructions correctly, I should be taking more off the wall, all the way around, in small regular increments, until the foot gets to be a better shape and size, is that right? 

Also re: jiaogulan...I can order it from Mad Barn, but they have two products...the regular and the 10:1 extract. Is there any difference besides concentration? They are impossible to get a hold of lately which is super frustrating when you need product info.

I'll have another go at the feet to start implementing your suggestions re: the toe and the wall flares this weekend and update the pics.

In case it's not clear, I'm the one doing the trimming. It's literally impossible to find competent help around here. I may not be an expert but at least I'm willing to learn, and understand the concept of underrun heels/long toe being a big no no. Trust me when I say that his current state is an improvement over past trims by "experts".
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