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Hi Clare,

I went back to some earlier posts to get a better feel for what's going on here. As others have explained, we really need a case history. Otherwise:

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies or imbalances do not cause diarrhea and  gas.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 09:02 AM, Clare Summers wrote:
I’ve been advised to feed her 500g Tim-alfalfa hay cubes, and Omneity and the Amino Trace supplements, with added salt, and flax seed. For full disclosure, the nutritionist that has been helping me does work for Mad Barn, and both of those supplements are sold by them.
You should not combine Omenity and Amino Trace+. Many PPID/EMS horses do not tolerate alfalfa well. It also throws mineral balances off in a way that neither of those supplements corrects for.
I had originally contacted them due to the pipestream diarrhea and excessive gas that my mare has when fed their Amino Trace supplement. They advised that it was probably another deficiency in her diet that was causing these symptoms. Mad Barn have been fantastic to deal with, and I can’t fault them at all, but the suggestions they made I don’t think will be very helpful. Her symptoms started while she has been on their supplement, and have now stopped since I stopped feeding it.
It is more likely to be a carrier in the supplement that is the issue rather than any of the active ingredients.

She does not have weight to lose, her ribs are slightly visible, and I’m not willing to reduce her caloric intake heading into a Canadian winter. The nutritionist was recommending against beet pulp as a feed for IR horses, which I found quite surprising, due to its high calories.
Beet pulp with molasses is not a good choice but otherwise well rinsed soaked beet pulp is actually a perfect choice. It is moderate calorie, higher than hay, a bit below plain oats.
Presently my mare gets (per feed, twice a day): 500g dried weight of beet pulp, 250g Purina Integrity, 300-400g Tim-Alf hay cubes (approx 2-3 cups, it’s a small scoop I use), 0.5c ground flax, 1c of hemp seeds. She was getting the Amino Trace, but I have stopped that since last Friday, and I don’t have a vit/min supplement yet as I was waiting for the nutritionist to get back to me. She also receives 5g/day of chaste tree berry, and 1oz of remission.
The first thing you need is a hay analysis. I'm not sure why you're feeding the timothy/alfalfa cubes or the Integri-T. You could simplify things greatly with Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes and a supplement to match your hay.
My veterinarian saw her less than two weeks ago and was happy with how she looked, even being a little leaner, and was not concerned about her weight or condition. Again, bringing me back to the confusion I have about the suggestion to change and reduce her feed.
Can you post a picture or two?

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