Re: NEW MEMBER--- Recommendations/help needed!


Thank you so much, Candice!

I have uploaded Sugar's Case History.

I will stand by for help specific to her situation :) 

I am currently in a COVID quarantine, so can't run out to get all the things listed on the Emergency diet (beet pulp, magnesium, and vitamin E) but do have iodized salt and milled flax seed on hand and will add those to her dinner beginning tonight. Hoping I can have my Dad do a curbside pick-up for molasses free Beet Pulp at our local farm supply store this week or next so we can get her off the senior pellet grain asap.

We also have 2 round bales out in the track that can't be removed at this point (too broken up to be moved by tractor) so there isn't much I can do about the hay access at the moment. But I am planning to order the hay test tomorrow.

Phew!  So much to learn and do. Thank you, Tracy and Candice, for your help!!
Caitlin J in KY 2020

Sugar's Case History:

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