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Winter has arrived in my area of Manitoba, Canada and I have a few questions regarding winter feeding to see what others do or suggest.

I have been using the cold weather chart and adjusting according to temperature (using a weather app on my phone) and also started to add in a blanket as she seemed  be ravenous at feeding time; panicky, impatient and wild eyed a bit.  Not her normal self.

Since we added the blanket it seems to have helped with her behaviour regarding feeding time.  She is I would say a 4.5 or slightly less as u def can see her ribs when moving and perhaps a bit when standing.  


We dipped in temps pretty drastically the past few week and went from  plus 13C  down to -3 with freezing rain, then snow. Temps this week went from -5 on Sunday down to minus 18. We added in a rainsheet and 100gram liner when temps got down to -10.  On nights when it is suppose to get down to close to -20C I use a 300g liner and rain sheet. 

She seems warm and toasty under her blanket and not hot and when it is nice and sunny and around 0 I take off the blanket.  If cooler but still around 10-12C and no windchill I use the 100gram and rain sheet. Perhaps I don’t need to use the 300g liner just yet with my rainsheet when it is only -20C or so?  Thoughts?  She has an insulated shelter but it is not sealed in as has a  6ft opening for the door on the front.

Perhaps I should not be increasing feed according to the cold weather chart if she is being blanketed? 

Do people go by temps on their phones or how do they determine temps and windchill to use to calculate feed needed?  If there is no wind outside do u ignore the windchill temp and do U ignore it if they have access to a shelter? I am struggling with getting an accurate temp and windchill as many times my phone says one thing then I go
outside and it is dead calm no wind. I have still been feeding according to the phone but am thinking I will cut out the windchill feed adjustment if we don’t have wind.  Is this what most people do or any suggestions to managing winter feeding? 

We just started winter and I  already going nuts lol!

Thanks in advance!

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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