Re: Advice for winter feeding

Deb Walker

Heather - I don't know the differences between C and F temps, as you go by C and we go by F. But yes, I watch my weather channel app constantly, and adjust blanketing as needed per the app. It's actually funny...because many of my horse friends have said they are asked why they know so much about today, or tomorrow, weather etc. Well, when you have a horse that needs extra help, you just do :) You eventually learn, over the years, what your horse can tolerate comfortably, and what he/she can't. And you learn what you can do to make your horse more comfortable in various temps. I love it when I go down to the barn, and throw on one of Scotty's 3 blankets, and he just takes a big sigh...his way of saying, "Thanks Mom."
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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