Re: NEW MEMBER--- Recommendations/help needed!


Salsa thought I was trying to kill him when I tried beet pulp years ago.  Hopefully Sugar doesn't object.  If she turns her nose up at it too much - work on it slowly.
Salsa really dug in hard last fall when I pushed the issue of properly balanced supplements.  It's taken a lot of work to get them in him at all and in the end I had to compromise with the "carrier" to get the supps in him and he's still a bit 'hit or miss' sometimes about getting it all down the hatch.

In all honesty after trying lots of flavors/teas/"feeds"/McCormick cooking extracts, things from the Picky Eaters list etc - I still cannot say with certainty what his very most favorite flavor in the world is.
The only one that knows is not talking - haha.

Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
Middle TN USA, September 2019
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