Re: How long does it typically take for elevated insulin levels to begin to drop?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Eileen,

It really sounds like you're doing everything right, which just re-emphasizes Sherry's point that the high insulin and pain could be related to the high ACTH.  If you are soaking that 5.2% hay, then the dietary sugar is about as low as you'll ever get it.  Maybe your vet will consider a short trial of pergolide since you've got everything else covered for the EMS aspect and insulin is still alarmingly high.  Pergolide may have some initial side effects we call the 'veil' but once the horse has adjusted to their dose I understand it yo be a very safe medication.

One other thing that us volunteers were discussing recently is that minnies really are hard to manage.  Their insulin can remain high despite careful diet and ACTH control.  It was suggested that they really need a lot more exercise than they normally get, and that they do better at a lower BCS, around 4-4.5 / 9.  Just a couple more factors for you to consider.

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