Re: Rhodiola Source

Donna Coughlin

Thank you, Dr. Kellon and Sherry, I am feeding 1 gram of the Ameriherb rhodiola root powder to the horses ( slightly more to Ariel Max who is about 1200 lbs.), scant half of that to Duke, which is essentially a double+ dose since he weighs about 200 lbs. these days. Is there any way to know how this compares to the Bulk Supplements standardized extract? If I emailed them (since they surprisingly actually answered me!) would I just ask if their powder was a standardized extract? I'm assuming you meant an average  1000 lb. horse would get 1000 mg (1 gram) a day.    

Hope this makes sense.....

By the way, also tonight shows the rhodiola root in stock! I suspect they're owned by the same people since the sites/lists are so similar (tho prices do differ a bit).
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