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Dr. Kellon, in the recent blog I posted above, you discuss the need for a proper Ca:P ratio in any homemade mixes but only address trace minerals for hay balancing.  However in an older blog, you mention that trace minerals become more of an issue with homemade mixes at feeding rates over 1 kg/day.
That's correct. If it's over 10% of the ration, you need to consider it in balancing as a rule of thumb.
Ca:P is good for the feeds we had already discussed, which are 6 lb beet pulp, 3 lb wheat bran, 1 lb flax daily.  (1.3:1 overall Ca:P) Do I need to worry about trace mineral balancing?  Hay is already balanced, and he’ll also be getting a couple lbs of ODTBC daily, at least until his weight is in a better place.
With the amounts you are feeding, yes you do.
I’m just resigned to the idea that I’ll have to RSR beet pulp pellets, which do seem to be the most readily available.  However, for those times that I can get unmolassed BP shreds, would it be enough to simply wet them down rather than the entire RSR routine? Could Audi handle that amount of unsoaked shreds?
The whole routine.
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